World's most amazingly expensive Dog Collars

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

As we all know that diamond is the best friend of every girl but have you ever listen to that dog’s also diamond the best friend Yeah! It’s real then wherever in that mix, dogs and diamonds get together. I believe dogs are also like to find diamond jewels.
Enter the wicked array of collars available for rich pet owners who dote ahead their dogs called La Collection de Bijoux. The necklace are covered with valuable jewels typically sapphires and diamonds and selection from $150,000 to an amazing $3.2million.
 Dogs Diamonds have fashioned and each collar is modified and takes eight to 12 weeks to complete. The most extravagant is the 52-carat diamond collar, named the world’s most expensive.

It features three levels of diamonds in a chandelier plan and features a stunning 1,600 diamonds on the collar. And though most pet owners would do anything for their canine buddies, the $3.2million cost label may be a small piece comfortable for most owners.

For those with a more royal taste, the Amour De La Mer features 600 hand-set diamonds and an 8.5-carat blue that is not unsimilar to an enormously well-known royal engagement ring.

And for $900,000, it as fine, spends a beautiful penny. A Forbes editor the Amour was called ‘the Bugatti of dog collars’!