History and Source of Ladies Costume Jewelry

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Fashion jewelry is almost as old as the human civilization itself. Beautification with different accessories dates reverse to 3500 BC when women are dressed in jewelry throughout religious resources. It was a general assurance that jewelry warded off sin, and brought good luck to the wearer. The women of those periods made simple costume jewelry with scrapes, teeth and bones of animals.

Later, they start on making jewelry from wood, metal, and ivory. They also finished jewelry by stringing stones onto reed or jute. Bullets were strung mutually to make bracelets and necklaces. Wire was used to build costume jewelry with simplistic, yet normal designs like flowers, animals and leaves. Native American jewelry prepared of ancient droplets is popular still at present. Other resources used to make jewels were bird feathers, delicate fish bones, human hair, berries, beetle's wings etc.

Fashion jewelry move towards to the front position with the increase of the middle class in the 19th century. Replication of excellent jewelry of the rich expands fame during this time. Gemstones were restored with artificial stones. Foils were used below the synthetic stones to give a rich shine to pieces of jewelry. Pedestal metals like copper and brass were used as a substitute of gold and silver. Such jewelry was a beloved among the masses because it was not only visually interesting, but also economical.