Mensusa- Develop Your fascination in Blazers

Monday, February 27, 2012
Men's Blazer
Blazer is a casual overcoat. Most people mistake it for a sport coat but it may somehow look like it. The blazer is made with flapless pockets and metal buttons. It's mostly worn as a standardized by those people working in airlines, school and yachting clubs.

Its on the formal side and is usually tailored in solid color fabrics. Though it sides with the conventional formal Mensusa overcoats, it is of modern age. This type of clothing is worn on its own and is never a part of over-all attire to absolute it. It's made of a smoother and sturdier fabric; commonly seen as single-breasted but may also come in double breasted version and comes with a two-button closure.

If you're wondering why the metallic buttons are usually emphasized, it is because of the fact that the first blazers were born in naval places. Some say this reflects the boating club association. Until now, the term blazer is still under discussing as to who named it and where it was named after. Traditional blazers consist of:

  • Crests on the chest
  • Solid fabric color like Navy Blue
  • Brass buttons