Simple Rules to dress up perfectly for Cocktail party

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Dressing exactly for different instances is very essential if you want to be taken sincerely. A cocktail festivity is a party where guests are presented with food and drink rather than full sit-down dinner. Cocktail parties can be small casual weddings or physical events, a book launch or a boutique opening. Though cocktail party is not a black tie event with the strictest covering rules it is not a casual dress event also. 

So, here are some rules you have to pursue to seem to be great at a cocktail party:

  • Wear on a cocktail dress which is fashionable and stylish. The length of a cocktail dress usually choices from a few inches over the ankles to beyond the knees. Forget about dresses which give you too much revelation. Try to prefer something proper.
  •  Decorate your clothing. Select for jewelry that praises your dress but don’t go beyond: one or two things will be sufficient. Don’t forget about a good reward, it is important to carry it while share a drink.
  •  Wear dress shoes. Heels are the best choice but flats are suitable, too. Think of comfort, cocktail party is generally long and you will have to be on your feet all the time.
  •  Pay concentration to fashion. Spend added time on your hair, nails and makeup. Muddled look is not a good plan for a cocktail party.
Having these effortless rules in mind you will look great at a cocktail party.