MagnaClips Curtain Tie-Backs Combine Style & Simplicity

Friday, December 9, 2011
Todd Brabender/Spread The News PR
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(West Palm Beach, Florida) – It’s a popular home styling and décor product line overseas that is now making its way to many homes in North America. MagnaClips magnetic curtain tie-backs make it easy to cinch up drapes and curtains with a uniquely stylish flair. MagnaClips are creatively designed and styled magnetic discs that sport a tie-back strip in the middle. The tie-back wraps around the curtain or drape and the magnetic halves connect together holding the curtain in place without having to be connected to a wall. The innovative design of the MagnaClips prevents the need for tools or drilling into the wall to set-up.

Lightweight yet sturdy, MagnaClips provides a wide array of variations and options. The versatile MagnaClip allows for many different curtain designs. In fact, one of the many things that set MagnaClips apart is that they allow for simple adjustments of curtains to alter the level of light that comes into the room. With most traditional tiebacks the drapes have to be tied all the way back.

MagnaClips come in multiple colors and even different shapes. They sell for $14.95/pair and are available at: